“I made my career in the private sector. Our country needs more people who can tackle big issues from perspectives gained running a business and not from a career politician’s perspective.”

Jasper, IN – Conservative businessman and entrepreneur Mike Braun announced his candidacy for the United States Senate today, highlighting his private sector experience and ability to bring real world solutions to Washington DC. Braun is the founder and CEO of Meyer Distributing, a nationwide auto parts distribution company with locations in 38 states and headquartered in Jasper, Indiana.

“I made my career in the private sector. Our country needs more people who can tackle big issues from perspectives gained from running a business and not a career politician’s perspective,” Braun stated. “I’ve spent my life building a business and creating jobs. I am running for US Senate because we need leaders who understand the real consequences of the failure of our federal government and are capable of delivering solutions for Hoosiers on issues like health care and tax reform.”

“Joe Donnelly has consistently voted with the liberals in Washington. Donnelly voted for Obamacare, Obama’s radical Supreme Court justices, trillions in reckless spending and debt, and stood with Barack Obama as he worked to destroy this country. Now he is standing with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer as they block President Trump’s efforts to bring real conservative change to Washington.”

“I am ready to go to Washington to deliver Donald Trump reinforcements as he takes on the DC swamp. Last year’s presidential election showed that Hoosiers know outsiders with business experience are the country’s best hope to fix the broken political system in Washington. Most importantly, Hoosiers want leaders who can break the hold career politicians have on the system and make conservative change happen. It’s time to replace Joe Donnelly with a Hoosier conservative who can get the job done. That is what I will do in Washington.”



Braun calls on Messer and Rokita to sign ObamaCare discharge petition

Mike Braun for Indiana
AUGUST 14, 2017

Braun calls on Messer and Rokita to sign ObamaCare discharge petition

Jasper, IN – Today conservative Republican and businessman Mike Braun called on Congressmen Luke Messer and Todd Rokita to sign the discharge petition in the house that forces a vote on repeal of ObamaCare:

“If Congressmen Messer and Rokita want to repeal ObamaCare, then they should sign the discharge petition to repeal ObamaCare and force a vote on the house floor,” said Braun. “It’s not good enough to just talk about repeal. The people of Indiana want a full repeal of Obamacare and every Republican in Congress needs to sign the petition forcing leadership to bring this bill up for a vote. Congressman Messer and Rokita voted for the same legislation before, so why not do everything possible to get something done?”

“Congressmen do a lot of talking about repeal in Washington. When I’m in the Senate, I’ll take action and keep pushing for the full repeal of Obamacare,” concluded Braun.