Meet Mike Braun

Indiana’s best days are ahead of us. Mike Braun is running for Governor because he is worried about whether or not we will leave this country in better shape than we found it for the next generation.

After serving Hoosiers in Washington, he knows now, more than ever, our problems can’t be solved by the special interests and career politicians in DC, they must be solved right here at home. Hoosiers are capable and ready to lead the way, but we need new bold leadership to move forward to the future. Mike is running for governor because the way we save America is to make Indiana a beacon of freedom and opportunity.

Mike Braun shaking hands

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Freedom and Opportunity Agenda

Public Safety Plan

Nothing is more important than the safety of Hoosiers. As Governor, I will put forward a bold agenda to
protect Hoosiers from violent crime, drugs, and the dangers crossing our southern border. We will introduce initiatives
focused on increasing support for law enforcement, addressing the fentanyl crisis, and enhancing measures to protect
our schools and children. My proven track record in the Senate serves as a solid foundation for the ambitious public safety plan
I intend to implement for Indiana, demonstrating my unwavering commitment to the safety and security of all Hoosiers. – Mike Braun


Braun Endorsed by the Indiana State Police Alliance

Braun Endorsed by the Indiana State Police Alliance

Indiana State Police Alliance Endorses Mike Braun For Governor
Indianapolis, IN – Today, the Indiana State Police Alliance endorsed Mike Braun for Governor. The Alliance represents over 2,000 active and retired Indiana State Troopers.