Indiana’s best days are ahead of us.

I am running for Governor because I am worried about whether or not we will leave this country in better shape than we found it for the next generation. After serving Hoosiers in Washington, I know now, more than ever, our problems can’t be solved by the special interests and career politicians in DC, they must be solved right here at home. Hoosiers are capable and ready to lead the way, but we need new bold  leadership to move forward to the future. I’m running for governor because the way we save America is to make Indiana a beacon of freedom and opportunity.

We have a lot to tackle to get Indiana back in the pole position as a national leader, but here are a few key areas where my experience as a Main Street entrepreneur will help us hit the ground running in the Governor’s office. As our next governor, I will focus on issues that will raise the standard of living and improve the quality of life for hard working Hoosiers such as delivering high speed internet to every household, addressing mental health, reversing the poor infant and maternal mortality rates, and delivering high wages careers. I have proven I can deliver results in the private sector as a main street entrepreneur and as one of the most effective, and conservative, US Senators, and I will deliver results on this agenda for Hoosiers as Indiana’s next governor.

– Mike Braun

Hoosier Jobs & Economic Growth

Mike Braun spent his career in the private sector, growing a small business into a national company and employing thousands of Hoosiers. Indiana needs policies that help every Hoosier achieve prosperity with a goodpaying career. The America First economic agenda brought unmatched prosperity and Indiana should be partnering with industries and business that are committed to growing jobs here in the USA.

Improving Education

Over 50% of our budget is spent on K-12 education and far too many of our graduates are not prepared to enter the workforce or pursue a degree. As a former school board member, Mike Braun knows parents are the primary stakeholders in their children’s education and every family, regardless of income or zip code, should be able to enroll in a school of their choice and pursue a curriculum that prepares them for a career, college or the military.

Put Kids First

We need to protect our children by making sure divisive theories like CRT or discussions about sexual orientation and gender identity have no place in our public schools. Indiana state laws should reinforce the simple truth that there are only two genders, biological males should not be allowed to compete in girls’ sports, and “gender affirming care” should be banned for minors.

Protect Parental Rights

In Indiana there should be no doubt that we believe parents are the primary stakeholders and decision makers in their children’s lives, education, and upbringing. Mike Braun will fight to protect the rights of parents to shield their children from divisive ideologies by ensuring parents have transparent access and meaningful input on curriculum and materials in our schools.

Stand Up to Woke Corporations

Liberal activists in corporate boardrooms are pushing the woke agenda into every aspect of our lives. Woke corporations should not be allowed to try and tell us how to run our state while they rake in profits that are subsidized by hard working Hoosiers. ESG puts investors and retirees at financial risk and will have no place in the Indiana state government.

Healthcare Affordability

The high cost of healthcare in Indiana is a glaring weakness when it comes to attracting new companies, new residents, and it puts a burden on hardworking Hoosiers and business owners. Solutions such as transparency, innovation, competition, and empowering consumers are not hard to figure out, but will take bold leadership to implement in the face of the powerful healthcare lobby.

Reliable, Affordable, and Clean Energy

Indiana should embrace an energy policy that unleashes the prosperity of our state’s abundant natural resources and embraces new technologies that can deliver clean and affordable energy. Mike Braun will stand up to those that are forcing a transition to technologies that can’t meet energy demands, risk rolling blackouts, mean higher costs and will lead to lost jobs for thousands of Hoosiers.

Pro-Life means Pro-Family

Strong families are the foundation of a healthy society. Indiana should be a place where starting a family is more affordable and achievable. State lawmakers must work to ensure the gains we have made to protect life are secured and strengthened, while working to help mothers and their infants receive the care and social support they deserve to ensure a healthy start to life.

Standing with Law Enforcement

Our law enforcement officers are on the front lines keeping us safe and they need our support to do their jobs and return home safely. Indiana law enforcement professionals need increased salaries and improved training to make sure the justice system is not failing them by refusing to detain dangerous criminals, manipulating the bail system, and intentionally refusing to enforce laws based on a political ideology.

Keep Our Communities Safe

Every Hoosier deserves to feel safe in their community. The border crisis allows drugs to flow into our state and brings gangs to our streets, while soft on crime prosecutors refuse to put criminals behind bars. In the Braun administration, if you commit a violent crime, attack a police officer, or poison our kids with fentanyl then you will serve hard time in state prison.

Securing Our Southern Border

Joe Biden and the left have created a humanitarian and national security crisis on our southern border. Mike Braun will work to fund solutions that keep criminals and drugs, like fentanyl, from entering our country. As Governor, Mike will continue to support and enact the America First policies that were working. Otherwise, every town will become a border town.


Hoosier family farms feed the world with millions of acres of crops, livestock, and poultry raised and processed across our state. Farmers are doing all they can to prosper in the face of attacks from climate alarmists, the increasing cost of inputs, and corporate consolidation. Mike Braun will put family farms first so we can preserve this way of life for the next generation.

Defend our Constitutional Rights

The Constitution protects our God-given rights to live our lives and raise our families as we choose. The rights of law-abiding gun owners, the freedom to practice our religion, and the rights of parents to protect their children from leftist ideology are under attack. Mike Braun will never waver when it comes to defending every Hoosier’s rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Election security and reform

The right of Americans to cast their vote in fair and secure elections is essential to the survival of our Republic. Hoosiers must trust that our elections are free from fraud and guarantee that every legal vote is counted accurately. As Senator, Mike fought against the federal takeover of elections and as Governor he will stand up to preserve and protect our electoral system from radical liberals in Washington, DC.

No More Mandates or Lockdowns

The lockdowns during the Covid-19 pandemic were a disaster for our state and led to business closures, job losses, mental health issues, learning loss, and still failed to protect the most vulnerable. As Governor, Mike Braun will never lockdown our state, mandate masks for our kids, or tell someone their job or business is not essential, and he will always protect Hoosiers’ right to medical freedom.

Cut Taxes and Reduce The Size of Government

Mike Braun knows lower taxes mean more money in the hands of individuals and business owners who are going to know how to spend their dollars better than the government. Reducing the size of government is the key to cutting taxes and Mike Braun will work through every state agency to find ways to save money while delivering high-quality services to taxpayers.