Braun Endorsed by the Indiana State Police Alliance

Indiana State Police Alliance Endorses Mike Braun For Governor

Indianapolis, IN – Today, the Indiana State Police Alliance endorsed Mike Braun for Governor. The Alliance represents over 2,000 active and retired Indiana State Troopers.

Having the endorsement of the Indiana State Police Alliance is an absolute honor. The men and women in the Alliance are the same men and women serving in the department I will lead as governor,” said Mike Braun.  “Their support is humbling and a further sign that Hoosiers are embracing my Public Safety Plan and Freedom and Opportunity Agenda. Thank you to the ISPA for this endorsement.

I will work with all law enforcement agencies across the state to keep Hoosiers safe from the crime and drugs pouring into our communities from the southern border. The Indiana State Police will be the tip of the spear to take on the cartels and their drug dealers. Soft on crime prosecutors will be held accountable and the justice system will have the tools they need to put dangerous criminals behind bars.

The endorsement from the Indiana State Police Alliance follows Mike Braun’s endorsement from the National Troopers Coalition – the only two law enforcement organizations to make an endorsement in this race.  Mike Braun was also endorsed by President Donald Trump in part because Mike is “working hard to Support our Law Enforcement [and] Secure our Borders.”