Nothing is more important than the safety of Hoosiers. As Governor, I will put forward a bold agenda to protect Hoosiers from violent crime, drugs, and the dangers crossing our southern border. We will introduce initiatives focused on increasing support for law enforcement, addressing the fentanyl crisis, and enhancing measures to protect our schools and children. My proven track record in the Senate serves as a solid foundation for the ambitious public safety plan I intend to implement for Indiana, demonstrating my unwavering commitment to the safety and security of all Hoosiers. – Mike Braun


Hoosier families are under threat from the violent criminals flooding our communities with deadly fentanyl and methamphetamine, and activist prosecutors who refuse to enforce the rule of law. The chaos at our borders, with drugs flooding in and gangs gaining footholds, directly threatens the safety of our communities.

We must always put the safety of Hoosiers first, no exceptions. As Governor, if you commit a violent crime, assault our law enforcement officers, or distribute lethal drugs like fentanyl and methamphetamine, then you will face the full weight of Indiana’s justice system. My commitment is to the safety and security of all Hoosiers, upholding law and order, and ensuring that our state remains a safe haven for law-abiding citizens.


Indiana’s law enforcement officers stand on the front lines of public safety, yet they often face challenges that undermine their ability to protect and serve. These challenges include a justice system that sometimes fails to detain dangerous criminals, manipulative bail policies, and selective law enforcement based on political ideology.

A Braun administration will steadfastly support our law enforcement community. We will propose significant salary increases and advanced training opportunities for Indiana’s law enforcement professionals. My administration is committed to ensuring that our officers have the resources and backing they need to perform their duties without being second-guessed or undermined by politicians and the media. Our officers deserve unwavering support as they safeguard our communities.


The unchecked flow of illegal immigration and deadly drugs across our southern border presents a clear and present danger to the security and welfare of Indiana residents. This crisis, exacerbated by Joe Biden, allows dangerous drugs like fentanyl and methamphetamine, to enter our state and fuels the operations of criminal gangs within our communities.

A Braun administration will prioritize the security of Hoosiers by advocating for and supporting state-based solutions to crack down on illegal immigration. We will streamline collaboration between state and local law enforcement and enhance state police interdiction powers to crack down on drug trafficking. My pledge is to protect our communities by enacting policies that keep our state safe and secure, making Indiana unwelcoming to the criminals who cross our southern border.


Law enforcement agencies across Indiana face significant challenges in recruitment, retention, and morale. These issues are compounded by a national climate that often fails to recognize the critical and dangerous work our police officers do every day to keep our communities safe.

Mike Braun will ensure that law enforcement professionals across the state receive the support, respect, and resources they deserve. As Governor, I will champion policies that enhance officer recruitment and retention, improve law enforcement training and equipment, and support officers’ mental health and well-being. My commitment is to make Indiana a national leader in law enforcement support, ensuring our officers have the backing they need to do their jobs effectively and safely.


The compensation and benefits for law enforcement officers in Indiana do not always reflect the critical and often dangerous work they undertake daily. This has led to challenges in attracting and retaining the dedicated professionals needed to ensure public safety across our state.

As Governor, I will prioritize the enhancement of salaries and benefits for our law enforcement officers. We will introduce a comprehensive pay reform that aligns state troopers and local law enforcement officers with competitive standards, including cost of living adjustments, competitive salaries, and comprehensive benefits. My commitment is to ensure that Indiana becomes a model state for law enforcement compensation as a recognition of their invaluable contribution to our safety and security.


The effectiveness of Indiana’s criminal justice system is often hindered by prosecutors who refuse to enforce laws or demonstrate incompetence, alongside a bail system that fails to keep dangerous criminals off our streets. This leniency and inconsistency in prosecution and sentencing embolden criminals and undermine public trust in our justice system.

My administration will be dedicated to ensuring that our criminal justice system is fair, effective, and upholds the safety and security of all Hoosiers, leaving no room for politics or incompetence to compromise to put Hoosiers in danger. We will empower the Governor’s office with the authority to remove and replace state-funded prosecutors who fail to uphold their duty to the community. Furthermore, we will advocate for stringent, non-discretionary minimum bail requirements for violent crimes and habitual offenders, ensuring that dangerous individuals are detained pre-trial.


The flow of illegal drugs, like fentanyl and methamphetamine, crisis is devastating Hoosier families and communities and placing an enormous strain on our public health and safety resources. The current approach to tackling this epidemic has proven insufficient, allowing drug-related crimes to proliferate and addiction to ravage our communities.

A Braun administration will prioritize a comprehensive state-wide drug interdiction strategy spearheaded by the Indiana State Police, in close collaboration with local law enforcement agencies and prosecutors. My pledge is to confront the drug crisis with the full force of the state’s resources, ensuring that Indiana becomes a leading example of effective drug prevention, enforcement, and recovery, safeguarding our communities from the scourge of illegal narcotics.


The mental health crisis in Indiana not only affects the well-being of countless individuals but also has profound implications for public safety, with overcrowded jails often becoming de facto treatment centers for those in need. The current system struggles to provide adequate care for individuals with mental health issues, particularly when they intersect with the criminal justice system, leading to a cycle of incarceration.

A Braun administration will significantly invest in local treatment facilities, ensuring that individuals with mental health issues receive the care they need without placing an added burden on the criminal justice system. My administration will be committed to treating mental health with the seriousness it deserves, transforming our approach to ensure that those in need receive help. We will work tirelessly to break the cycle of incarceration for mental health issues, thereby improving public safety and community well-being across Indiana.


School safety in Indiana is fragmented across multiple agencies, leading to potential gaps and inefficiencies in protecting our students. The complexity of modern threats demands a focused and unified response to ensure the safety of our children in their learning environments.

To address this, a Braun administration will establish the Office of School Safety, centralizing responsibilities currently spread across the Department of Homeland Security, Department of Education, and Indiana State Police. This office, led by a professional experienced in both emergency response and the K-12 environment, will streamline efforts, ensuring every Hoosier student benefits from the highest standards of school safety.


Well-trained law enforcement officers are the backbone of safe and secure communities. In Indiana, our officers already receive training that equips them to handle a variety of challenges on the job. Enhancing this training further can only build on their effectiveness and deepen the trust between the police force and the communities they serve.

A Braun administration will focus on elevating the standard of training provided to Indiana’s law enforcement.  Increased collaboration between state and local law enforcement at the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy will help deliver the most advanced policing techniques and increase cooperation in the field. This will reinforce our officers’ preparedness but also ensure they are at the forefront of modern law enforcement practices.


In today’s climate, law enforcement officers face immense pressures and challenges as they work tirelessly to protect our communities. Qualified immunity serves as a crucial legal doctrine that protects officers from personal liability while performing their duties. This protection is vital for allowing officers to make split-second decisions in high-stakes situations without the fear of unwarranted legal repercussions.

I will defend and protect qualified immunity for law enforcement officers in Indiana. Our commitment is to provide our officers with the confidence and legal safeguards they need to make decisions in the best interest of public safety. By protecting qualified immunity, we affirm our trust in and support for the men and women who put their lives on the line to keep us safe, ensuring they have the necessary protections to act decisively and within the scope of the law.


The existence of sanctuary cities in Indiana and in neighboring states, like Chicago, pose significant risks, creating havens that can attract criminal activities associated with illegal immigration. The lawlessness encouraged by sanctuary cities not only undermines the rule of law but also jeopardizes the safety of neighboring communities, forcing local authorities to deal with challenges that transcend their jurisdictions.

A Braun administration will take decisive action to end sanctuary city policies in Indiana, emphasizing a united front in protecting the rule of law and ensuring the safety of all Indiana residents. We will equip our state and local law enforcement agencies with the necessary technology and tools to effectively combat the criminal elements tied to illegal immigration, safeguarding our communities from the dangers posed by sanctuary policies.


Over my tenure in the U.S. Senate, I have been a staunch advocate for policies that reinforce the safety and security of our communities. From sponsoring legislation aimed at enhancing law enforcement resources and protections to pushing for reforms that ensure justice and fairness in our criminal justice system, my work has consistently reflected a commitment to upholding the rule of law and ensuring the well-being of every American.

As Governor, I will bring this same dedication to Indiana, leveraging my experience to implement policies that strengthen our state’s stance against crime and support our law enforcement agencies. My administration will focus on translating the successes we’ve achieved on the national level to our local communities, ensuring Indiana becomes a safer, more secure place to live.