Republican Gubernatorial Nominee Mike Braun Selects Julie McGuire

INDIANAPOLIS – After receiving nearly 40% of the vote in a six-person primary and winning by over 18 points, Republican gubernatorial nominee Mike Braun is proud to announce State Representative Julie McGuire as his pick for Lt. Governor.

McGuire is a lifelong conservative Hoosier who has spent over 15 years as the Parish Business Manager at St. Roch Catholic Church. In her campaign for State Representative, she has been endorsed by Indiana Right to Life, the NRA, NFIB, and the State Police Alliance PAC.

Mike Braun and Julie McGuire will be making their case to Hoosier delegates to support Julie at the state’s nominating convention in June.

Julie McGuire is a strong conservative who has lived the values of faith, family, and community.  Like me, Julie didn’t come from the farm system of politics – her experience comes from the real world serving her neighbors, raising a family, and getting things done on issues like child services and health freedom,” said Republican gubernatorial nominee Mike Braun. “Julie shares my vision of making Indiana a national beacon of freedom and opportunity, and I’m proud to have her on the team.

I’m thrilled and humbled by this opportunity to join Mike’s campaign to take our state to new heights,” said State Representative Julie McGuire. “I am ready to bring my perspective as a mom and the experience I’ve gained serving my community from my local church to the Statehouse to get real results on issues like health freedom, standing up for our kids, and lowering health care costs for Hoosiers. I look forward to making my case to Hoosier delegates ahead of the Convention that I’m the right choice to win big with Mike in November and turn Indiana into a beacon of freedom and opportunity for America.



Julie is a wife, a mom, and lifelong Hoosier. Julie has been married to her husband Mark for 26 years and together they have four children: Sophia, Grace, Brady, and Vitya. Julie and Mark are excited to be expecting their first grandchild in May.

Like Mike Braun, Julie’s experience comes from the real world.

Julie spent 15 years as the Parish Business Manager at St. Roch Catholic Church, where she and Mark are members. Julie has spent countless hours volunteering in her community helping those in need.

Julie won a resounding victory in a fierce primary battle in 2022 and has represented Perry Township as a rock-ribbed conservative voice for Hoosiers. Julie was endorsed by Indiana Right to Life, the NRA, NFIB, and the State Police Alliance PAC.

While representing her neighbors in the Statehouse, Julie has championed support for law enforcement, protecting our kids, holding the line against overspending for Hoosier taxpayers, and working to drive down healthcare costs in Indiana.

Julie shares Mike Braun’s vision to make Indiana a national beacon for freedom and opportunity and will be an important asset to deliver results for Hoosiers.